Chrysalis Revisions’ Editing Process

Writing is a difficult and personal process, and how an editor works with you makes all the difference. In the form I use for quoting jobs, I ask an important question: How confident do you feel about your writing? If you’re feeling particularly uncertain about your work, I believe in doing a lot of hand-holding. I always give advice and never withhold my opinion, but I do my best to deliver my thoughts in a way that helps writers grow. I’m here to build a relationship with you, all while editing your story.

I consider all aspects of a work: perspective, characterization, structure, themes, world-building, pacing, style, etc. I also watch closely for low points and awkwardness in your story. Twenty tedious pages can negatively impact a hundred pages of perfection. I do all I can to ensure your readers come away with a smooth reading experience.

Generally, the editing process works like this:

  1. You decide on a service and request a quote.
  2. In two or three days, you’ll hear back from me regarding my availability and estimates.
  3. If we agree to work together, we’ll each sign a standard contract, and I’ll send you an invoice. For all jobs that will cost $200.00 or more, I require an initial 50 percent deposit.
  4. Once I’ve received your initial payment (if applicable), my work begins. I’ll return your document to you in the agreed-upon time frame, barring any hiccups.
  5. Upon receipt of the edited text, the final 50 percent is due.
  6. I follow-up all work with an hour of free support.

If you have any further questions about my editorial approach, please feel free to email me at