About the Editor: Kate Thomas

Photo of Kate Thomas, editor

Hi, I’m Kate Thomas, and I’m addicted to reading. I’m not seeking an intervention, only telling you how it is. I’ve worked as a writer and editor for ten years, but that hasn’t been enough to satisfy me. I want more words—even after writing articles and documentation, editing news and website content, and teaching reading and writing to teenagers. Chrysalis Revisions is just one more way for me to get my fix and to help writers deliver high-quality, polished work.

If at any point you’d like to email me, I can be reached at kate@chrysalisrevisions.com.

What I Read

Place a book in my general vicinity, and I’ll read it, but if you’re wanting to know what genres I am particularly familiar with and love the most, here’s a small list:

I am comfortable reading and working with fiction of any length and for most target audiences. Young adult (YA) fiction holds a special place in my heart, but so, too, does Fredrik Backman’s A Man Called Ove, which is about a grumpy old Swedish man.

Style Guides I’ve Worked With

For all fiction, I follow The Chicago Manual of Style. In other situations, I have worked with APA, AP, MLA, and Harvard styles.

Hours of Operation

Despite being a freelancer, I try to keep (somewhat) normal business hours. It helps me hold on to my precious sanity. I reply to emails no later than two to three days after I receive them, but most correspondence will fall within the hours listed below.

*Some exceptions made for urgent work.