Butterfly PupaButterflies have humble beginnings. So do good books. Awkwardness and even a little ugliness are just part of growing up. But with a professional editor, you can relax and know such growing pains will pass when it comes to your manuscript. The plot holes can be sewn shut, and the typos and grammatical errors can be hunted down and tried for treason.

At Chrysalis Revisions, I provide a wide range of editing services at competitive rates. Whether you need proofreading, copy editing, or a manuscript analysis, I can help you get through the rough patches. To receive a quote and free sample edit, take some time to fill out this form.

Book Editing Services + Rates

2.0 to 2.5 cents per word
Copy editing is a thorough, line-by-line look at your work. I check for misspellings, typos, and grammatical errors, as well as for awkward phrasing and other stylistic shortcomings. Basic inconsistencies within and between your scenes and chapters are also highlighted.
1.2 to 1.5 cents per word
Intended for works that have already undergone extensive editing and been typeset. This is a final check for language errors, stylistic mistakes, and layout problems, prior to publishing.
(Up to 7,500 Words) $75.00 flat rate
My critical review of your first chapter looks at how intriguing your opening sentences and paragraphs are, how well you introduce your characters and setting, and whether the perspective and tense you’ve chosen are helping or hindering your story, thus far. Other elements from your chapter are addressed, as needed.
1 cent per word
This is a critical review of your whole manuscript. Once I’ve read your novel in its entirety, I give you a 7- to 15-page constructive review that covers your manuscript’s plot, characters, themes, pacing/flow, and structure.
While copy editing and proofreading focus on improving clarity and quality, developmental editing goes one step further by critically examining your story’s ideas and structure. This type of editing makes sure your story has a clear beginning, middle, and end, and that climaxes come and go as they should. This is perhaps the most painful and most helpful of edits for those worried about the flow of a story. Expect suggestions to add, edit, move, or delete scenes. Ideally, this form of editing is done prior to a round of copy editing.